Condolence Messages

  1. julie stover

    You do not know me as I am from a rural part of SE IL. My family and I grew up watching “The Andy Griffith Show” in the early 1960’s. I felt compelled to let you know how much he and his talents lent to our childhood and growth into adulthood. His show was not only a part of our weekly entertainment, but it gave credence to “all” the rural communities in the U.S. Andy and his Mayberry family are part of our “cultural” experience that will never be forgotten as long as we have our memories and the TV stations continue to run the show in syndication. Today is sad, but happy as well–because we who were influenced by Andy take time to reflect when life was so much more simple and happy.
    Sincerely, Julie Stover

  2. donetta livesay, ronnie livesay

    Cindy, thinkin of you and my heart goes out to you…All the years in the shop were exciting and we loved to hear all the stories. Andy is the best storyteller of all time…and you loved and protected Andy with great conviction. you have my greatest respect and a full heart…Always, Donetta…..Thaanks for the memories.

  3. Linda Habecker

    My condolences to the family of Andy Griffith.
    I watched as a child every week The Andy Griffith show, and still watch re runs. But I really like the Matlock program. He was superb as Matlock. I have seen every one of them and can watch re-runs for hours. I would love to buy the DVDs. You must have been so proud to have him as a family member, I always saw him as the most wonderful and kind human being. God Bless Him, and RIP MR. ANDY GRIFFITH, you are one of the very best in show business I have ever seen. Sincerely Linda Habecker

  4. Tamara Thornton Holloway

    A sad day in Mayberry. Andy is my lifelong hero. We named our son after Andy. We Love him dearly. He will live on in our hearts. Rest in peace dear friend.

  5. Mark Sexton

    I have to say that Andy was like a father to me.I’ve got lots of VHS&DVD’s of him Even got pictures hanging up in my kitchen.I wanted to tell Andy how much he meant to me all my life.He was the best man on earth and I hope to be just like him.I hate to see you go but God has a wonderful man up there to meet one day.

  6. Brad Price

    My condolences to the family of Mr. Andy Griffith. My whole life I have idolized the characters Andy Taylor and Barney Fife. I am so saddened that a legend like Mr. Griffith has passed on, yet blessed for the 28 years of my life that he filled it with laughter. God Bless!
    Brad Price
    Apprentice Funeral Director and Emblamer
    Christian-Sells Funeral Home
    Rogersville TN

  7. Doug & Linda Fletcher

    A house hold name that will be truly miss not only by his family but by everyone else in NC that welcomed his famous program in The Andy Griffith Show. Heaven will be blessed with our loss. May God bless you all in this family. Our icon…… may you RIP.

  8. Walt Johnson

    To the Griffith family, our family loved Andy and constantly watch The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock. We are truly saddened today. I feel connected to Andy in that he was at UNC-Chapel Hill the same time as my father and I am a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate as well. May God’s peace with you during this time.

    Walt Johnson
    Wilson, NC

  9. camilla murray maszkowski

    andy you made my afterschool hours worth watching tv for may you rest in peacethank you camilla murray maszkowski

  10. Amanda

    Goodbyes are not forever.
    Goodbyes are not the end.
    They simply mean I’ll miss you.
    Until we meet again!

  11. Carol Spangenberg

    To Andy’s family: may God’s holy and comforting arms surround you and may His peace be with you in these days of sorrow and grief. Know our prayers are with you and know that Andy’s life will continue in the hearts of those who saw him in the characters he played and will continue to be examples to our children forever. His life affected so many and his legacy with continue to be with us all. He resting in the place our Lord has prepared just for him. (John 14) and may our Lord’s love and peace be with you now and always. Carol

  12. Mark Sexton

    Andy was a wonderful man.I always wanted to meet him.I’ll never forget him.He was like a father.I’ve got many smiles and joy from him.I love you Andy.God has one of the best men from earth.Thank you Andy for everything you did for us.I’m so thankful that I have your movies and pictures to remember you daily.I wish they had your show on reg.Tv like in the 70’s I watched every show I could.Not one bad show with you in it.

  13. Ben Poquette

    i would like to extend my condolence to Mr. Griffith’s family. i am a life long fan of his show i am 25 years old now, and he has been a role model for me since i was 5 years old. the world lost a wonderful man today. i am so sorry for your loss.

  14. larry and sue brinnand family

    he was a great person he will be greatly
    missed our prayers are with you
    larry and sue brinn and family

  15. Joe, Tammie, Max, and Zac Davidson

    Dear Cindi, and family.. We are so sorry about the loss of Mr. Griffith, he has been and will be an inspiring for our family through the years.We hope you can find comfort in Gods word and always know that, there is a little of Mayberry and Andy in our hearts , forever.

  16. Carl F. Johnson

    Our sincere condolences on the passing of Mr. Andy Griffith. He brought hope, laughter, tears and joy to millions of people around the world. I, like many, grew up watching The Andy Griffith show and learned much from it. A legend that will truly be missed.

    Carl, Christin, Kayla and Nicole Johnson
    Leavenworth Kansas

  17. Mary Brewer

    I have always loved Andy. Watching the show throughout my long life has always given me the greatest comfort and joy. It is clear to me that Andy was a very good and joyful man, and I wish I could have met him and smiled at him and thanked him for the great gifts he has given to me. I will never, ever forget him. Rest in peace, Andy Griffith, and know that you are loved by so many. My prayers will be offered for Andy’s whole family, especially his wife, Cindi, to whom I offer my deepest sympathy.

  18. Rev. Terry & Jane Williams

    Thank you for bringing such joy and celebration to the world and for using your God-given talents to so many selfless endeavors. May peace and glory be yours eternally.

  19. Julie

    Words can not explain how sad I am regarding mr. Griffith passing, feels like I lost a family member. Some of the happiest memories I have growing up we’re watching his shows. You were an amazing talent, a wonderful man and my only regret was I never got to meet him. Prayers and live to his family, I can hear him singing hymns already. We love and will miss you terribly!!!

  20. Carol and Jim

    Andy gave us something we could not have gotten from anyone else. Together he, Don, Jim, Ron, Frances and George left us all with such good memories. I can just hear St. Peter announcing: “There’s a new sheriff in Heaven”.

    God bless the Griffith family.

  21. SRogers

    I was saddened to hear about Andy. We will all miss him but I know you will miss him more. I grew up watching him and learned valuable lessons from his show. There will never be a show on tv to compare. I could feel that he was an awesome man who knew God. Prayers for you always and thanks to you for sharing him with all of us. I close by using one of his quotes… “hey to Goober; hey to Andy!” You will forever be in our hearts!

  22. Shari Pahls

    I’m greatly saddened by Andy’s passing. Although, I only knew him from television, he was the only star I ever considered almost like a family member. His endearing qualities, sweet spirit, and genuine gooness were felt across the air ways. It’s good to know that his songs of praise were heartfelt, and that Andy just moved on to a better place that God has prepared for him. God give you peace and comfort during this time of sorrow.

  23. Jack S

    Andy was SO dearly loved by EVERYONE. My heart is very saddened today by the news of his passing.We ALL LOVE you Andy Griffith.You are a top icon. Your show is 100% better than any of this junk on today. Love you Andy!

  24. Dawn

    My deepest condolances. I loved Andy, he will greatly missed. I always sent him Birthday and Christmas cards. He was my all time favorite. I am so sorry Cindi and family. He lived a good life and he was very much loved. Rest my friend, you deserve it. I Thank God for the joy you have brought many millions of people. May you rest in peace and now you have ever lasting life. God Bless you and your family.

  25. Alan Jones

    I remember the episode where Opie released the birds from the cage and said that the cage seemed empty, but Andy replied, “yes but don’t the trees seem full.” So I say to you on this day, “the world sure seems empty . . . but doesn’t heaven seem full.” God bless to the Griffith family.

  26. Kathy Davis Eaton

    To the Griffith family: I was so sorry to hear of Mr.Griffith’s passing today. My family never missed an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” or a rerun. Many we had memorized. He will be missed, but we have so many ways to keep his memory alive with films, TV and recordings. I am sure that my parents are up in Heaven greeting him now and telling him how much they loved his show. My thoughts and sympathies are with you- Kathy Eaton UNC Alumnus ’78

  27. Linda McMullen McClintock

    Miss Cindi,
    Mr. Griffith made North Carolina proud. He didn’t have to fake a southern accent nor southern gentility. He lived it and those qualities are what made “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock” so memorable. My deepest condolences on his passing. You are in my prayers.
    Linda Fearing McClintock

  28. Marilyn Meakins

    A piece of my childhood is gone with Mr. Griffith’s passing. I loved the Andy Griffith Show and everyone on it. I hope he, Barney, Goober, and Floyd are having a great reunion at the barbershop.

    My deepest condolences to Mr. Griffith’s family.

  29. Thomas A. Luther

    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Griffith family during this most difficult time. I think every American loved Andy. I think even as an adult I still look back on the Andy Griffith Show and see the good moral values that were shown. He is now in Heaven singing his favorite gospel songs and walking the streets of gold. Rest in Peace Andy and thank you for the memories and the laughter over the years. May your family find comfort in the coming days knowing you are truly home in heaven.

  30. Jack Hamilton

    Somewhere in our home there is an Andy Griffin rerun running constantly on a TV. I tried to raise my children with the values,ideals,humor,caring and compassion of this wonderful gift of a human being sent to us in this life. I now have grandchildren to pass these values along to. Andy will keep on playing as long as I.m alive.
    Thanks for making my life and the world a better place. And I.m sure if there is nobody else in Heaven. ANDY GRIFFIN IS THERE!!
    You will long be remembered and loved.
    Jack Hamilton

  31. Connor Griffith

    Thank you to Andy’s family for sharing him with the world. He was a wonderful asset to the acting world and the human race.

  32. Patricia Shifflett

    I grew up watching Mayberry RFD,and the Andy Griffith Show.I enjoyed when he would sing on the show.
    RIP Andy you will be miss by so many.


    Cindy,thinking of you, Andy was joy to everyone and will be missed. I never get tired of all his shows, God bless your family.

  34. Ronnie Dooley

    My condolences to the family of Andy Griffith. Andy has always been one of my long time favorites. I continue to watch The Andy Griffith Show each night while going to bed on DVD. I further have used a couple of the scenes in sermons to stress valuable points. Andy Griffithe was all about family values. I was saddened to hear of the loss. My prayer is that God bless and hold the Griffith Family very near.

  35. Bennett & Sally Cantrell

    Remembering a great man. Keeping his family in our prayers. May his family be comforted in the light of love, today and during the tough days ahead.

  36. Dr. Jeff Crabtree

    Andy Griffith will be missed. I grew up with the show and enjoyed every moment of the series. God will honor such a worthy man who surely made North Carolina stand out! Blessing to the family, peace love and happiness

  37. Jack and Peggy Tippett

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We are true fans of Andy’s we always watched him on tv. We enjoyed all of his shows and still watch them when they are on. We live in Maryland and also visit The Outer Banks quite often. We hope you’r memories help get you thru this difficult time. God Bless You

  38. Larry Martin Sr (Dunn NC)


    We Little Knew That Day God Was Going To
    Call Your Name In Life We Loved You
    Dearly In Death We Do The Same. It
    Broke Our Hearts To Lose You,You Did
    Not Go Alone For Part Of Us Went With
    You The Day God Called You Home.You
    Left Us Beautiful Memories Your Love
    Is Our Guide And Although We Cannot
    See You,You Are Always At Our Side.
    Our Family Chain Is Broken And
    Nonthing Seems The Same But As God
    Calls Us Ons By Ons The Chain Will
    Link Again.

  39. Sarah Jo King

    Condolences to the family. I remember watching his Andy Griffith show and loving every minute of it. Too bad we don’t have good, clean entertainment like that on TV anymore. God bless and keep the family and friends of Andy, Sheriff of Mayberry.

  40. Todd and Renae Beeker

    Our deepest sympathy goes out to Cindi and family at this sad time. Please know that all of NC and Andy’s fans send much love to all of you. Andy reminded me of my sweet Daddy with his stories and mannerisms. My Daddy and I loved watching “The Andy Griffith Show” and it will always be my all-time favorite. Now, my Daddy and Andy are shaking hands in heaven. God Bless.

  41. John Howard

    Thank you, Andy, for hours and years of entertainment and inspiration. And thank you for endowing the Scholarship at UNC, which helped me through.

  42. Paul R. Lint

    To The Family:

    When I woke up this morning and seen that Mr. Griffith passed away it broke my heart. I feel like I have know him all my life but never met him. I may have not been old enough to watch his older shows live but the reruns watched them all!

    This is a very sad day my condolence to the family. Take care!

  43. michael j jones

    please rest in peace.we just lost a good actor.god took a good old southern boy that never left his root.our though and prayers are with the family.



  45. charles owens

    Our love and prayers go out to the family at this time. We share with you the love of the outer banks region, having grown up in Currituck County. May God’s grace sustain you in this time

  46. Candy & Harold Finley

    I was saddened to here the news this morning about Andy. We live in Mt Airy and get to see all of the folks that come here because they loved Andy and his TV show. He was such a great actor. It is great to know that he put real values in his programs, not like kids watch these days. You and your family will be in our prayers. Love, Harold & Candy Finley

  47. Randy Dill

    What a jewel of man! The angels in heaven will forever be entertained by a true comedian. There will never-ever be another one like Andy Griffith!

    Randy Dill
    Knoxville, TN

  48. Anthony Andrews

    I would like to send my condolences to the Griffith family. I would also like to thank Andy for bring so much laughter to my life. It was nice to know that whatever happened in your life that day you could always watch the Andy Griffith Show and escape for a while. Rest in Peace.

  49. Paul E. Hamlyn & Family

    From OUR Family to The Family of Andy Griffith, We would like to extend Our Heartfelt Condolences in Your Loss of such a BELOVED Man. He will ALWAYS be lovingly remembered as a GENTLEMAN of High Moral Character. Sherriff Taylor brought so much Joy & Laughter to the World as The Head of the Mayberry Police Department. He leaves Us ALL with a treasure trove of Happy Memories.
    THANK YOU for sharing Him with The World, and GODSPEED Mr. Griffith for a SAFE & SPEEDY Journey HOME.

    REST IN PEACE, and I hope that You find the Fishing Hole of Your Dreams.

    May GOD BLESS and KEEP ALL of You through this time.

    There will never be another Andy Griffith. The World has lost a treasure.

  50. Claudia DiDona

    Dear Cindi and family –
    I am so very sorry for your loss. I cried when I heard the news today. I do not know your family nor have I ever met Andy. But I grew up with my parents and grandmother raising me, learning the morals and the wonderful man Andy Griffith portrayed in The Andy Griffith Show. And I know he was a wonderful moral, fine man in person. He has, in the person he is, created a set of morals in me, and fine memories of all his characters and performances. I have followed his activities all these many years.

  51. Clyde Farr

    Andy and Mayberry will live on forever. When future generations study the formative years of television, the iconic Andy Griffith Show will give them a glimpse of a simpler time in American history. The show’s lovable characters are as entertaining to watch today as they were when the episodes first aired. Thanks for all the memories Andy. Rest in peace.
    Clyde Farr – Augusta, GA

  52. Emmett Tnompson

    I am deeply sorry to hear this about Andy.He was a icon and he was a real southern.I grew up watching The Andy Griffth Show and then was on to Matlock.Andy will be missed bye all.
    May god take care of him now RIP Andy

  53. Dale Giunta

    May god be with you during this time of grief. RIP Andy and thank you for 50 years of good clean humor. I will miss you dearly.

  54. Linda Borges

    May he rest in peace.

    I loved watching his tv shows.

    My deepest condolences to his family.

    Linda Borges- Maryland

  55. Faye Homyk

    It was a sad day for our family as we feel we have lost a member of our family. After fifty years of watching and enjoying Andy we were indeed blessed to have him with us. May the Lord comfort Andy’s family and many friends.

  56. Ron Branham

    I will never forget the hours and hours of laughter you brought to our home. May the family find peace and comfort from the Lord at this time.

  57. John Malloy

    To the family,
    Our prayers and thoughts go out to you in your time of loss. I have always been a fan of the Andy Griffith Show my whole life. I’m from Burlington, NC and back in the 80’s I was in Boston,Mass. on business and met Andy while I was at the airport,we talked about the churches he traveled to in the Burlington,NC area where he used to sing when he was in the choir of his church. I appreciated his kindness toward me on that day. May God Bless You Always!!!!

  58. Tina Phronjia Bradley

    Cindi, I just wanted you to know you are in my prayers today. I don’t know if you ever got the gift bag I had put together for you and Andy commerating the 125th anniversary of Mt. Olivet, but I hope you did. Jerry was to bring it to you. I’m the woman that played the ‘little ‘un’ as Andy liked to call it (my little guitar) when I had a broken shoulder. Although I hadn’t been to your house in decades, as a young girl (7 or 8) I was there frequently and he was at our house for Sunday dinner a lot (Aunt Isabel’s house over on sunny side). Anyway. I know lots of people must be offering, but truly if there is anything that I can do, please let me know. The church has my contact info. We love you.

  59. Steve Dashoff

    I am so sorry for your family’s loss. We all seemed to have lost a wonderful man today! He is certainly in the hands of God as I write this. Growing up in Baltimore, I remember when I first got hooked on The Andy Griffith Show. I immediately felt a strong bond and connection to the way Andy raised Opie and interacted with others. The respect, kindness, love and fairness that he shared with everyone around him and the way people responded in kind to him is just one example of what made this such a great show. There were so many wonderful life lessons and morals that I learned from the show and use in my life every day. My biggest regret is that I never had an opportunity to meet him and personally thank him for the impact he made on my life. Our world needs more men like Andy and more shows like this! Andy will live on in our hearts forever….RIP Andy

  60. Terry Ruth

    Rest in peace, dear friend. Thank you for the hundreds of hours of gentle humor. Sing in the heavenly choir, Andy, and know that we will always carry you in our hearts.

  61. Roger G. Kaestner

    My condolences to all the family.
    My gratitude to God for his wonderful
    example of a life well lived..

  62. Ralph and Elizabeth

    Rest in Peace Mr. Griffith. Thanks for making the world a more enjoyable place for all of us.

  63. ward

    my thoughts and prayers to the family at this time of sorrow. mr griffith was one of a kind. and will be sorely missed.

  64. Cynthi Stefenoni

    Cindy, I don’t know if you remember me, but you and I met on the set of ‘Return to Mayberry’ where I was an AD. You and Andy were always so kind to me, and when we did ‘Scattering Dad’ together years later, it was as if no time had passed. We were friends. I have kept you both in my thoughts and prayers through the years and had just pulled out a Christmas card with you, Andy and Mary Margaret Ritter in a photo. It has been sitting on my dresser top and I have been sending you thoughts for weeks. My father passed away on June 1 and I have been dealing with the emptiness that such a loss brings. Please know that my love and prayers are with you as you face each day. And please reach out to say hello when/if you can. The funeral home has my email address. Sending much love to you at this time, and an offer to do anything that you might need. Love, Cynthi

  65. Lorraine Flood

    Hi – I grew up watching Andy Griffith and he was my favorite show. I watch everytime he is on television. Someday we will all be together. Rest in peace Andy and I will be praying for you Mrs. Griffith and the family. But with your strong Christian faith you will get by. Just keep reciting the 23rd Psalm and each day will be easier. Lorraine Flood from Montpelier, VT

  66. Danny Biliter

    He always made me laugh no matter how many times I watched his reruns. I do wish that I could had met him. I have several pictures of him that are signed and other Andy Griffith Show characters too. Thanks Andy coming from a country boy in Richmond, Ky. Danny

  67. Robert & Terri Spires

    Andy was a true American, one of the most positive influences for children all over the world. He was the kind of person that every kid wanted to grow up to be just like. America has lost a great gentleman, he will be missed, but our loss is truly Heaven’s gain!…..R.I.P. Sheriff Andy Taylor! {10-7,10-42}

  68. Martha Schoemaker

    I grew up watching The Andy Griffith Show, and I still watch the reruns as often as I can. I could probably quote most of the episodes, yet I never tire of them. Decency, compassion, humor, and respect for our fellow human beings, even the quirky ones, never goes out of style. I was so sorry to hear of Andy’s passing. (Why do I call him Andy? I know I should say Mr. Griffith, but it feels like I’ve lost a family member.)


    Andy has & always will be a big part of our house hold.Our thoughts & prayers are with his family.Thank you ANDY for coming in our families life in Milan,Ga.Gone but never forgotten,LOVE MY FAMILY,HARDY & MAUDLEAN SPIRES & OUR SON J.R. SPIRES.

  70. Karen S Jackson

    Condolences to the Family of Andy Griffith.

    Thank you for sharing the beloved Andy Griffith with the world. The episodes of the Andy Griffith shows are still enjoyed by us all still today. He has left us many great memories when TV shows were entertaining and clean.

    Karen Jackson-Elizabeth City, NC

  71. Rick Jenkins

    My heart goes out to the family, I am sorry for your loss. Personally, I feel a great sadness. For more than 30 years, the Andy Griffith Show has been my favorite. I had always hoped to someday meet Andy. Perhaps I will, in that Mayberry in the sky. Say hey to Goober for me. Rest In Peace.

  72. JR Spires

    I am sorry to hear of Andy’s passing. He was a national treasure and an inspiration to generations. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Griffith Family during this difficult time.

  73. Anita B.

    Cindi and family:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your reflection of him on the Internet. I am a fellow Christian. It was refreshing to see his faith shine thorugh in his acting career. He was a man who truly walked his talk. Days will be difficult, but I know that the God who holds him is holding you if you let Him.

  74. Tracy Chappell

    I am so sorry for your loss but I know he will forever live on in everyone’s hearts and in television from Mayberry’s Sheriff Taylor to Ben Matlock. I have always loved him for his shows are amazing. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and family.

  75. Mary Jolliff Moore

    Cindi, Dixie and girls, Andy and I didn’t always agree on everything, but on the things that counted, we did. Love y’all, and pray God holds you in His loving hands. Love, Mary

  76. kenneth griffin

    May God Bless You Sheriff Andy Taylor, and your family. Jesus will be waiting for you at the fishing hole

  77. Leigh ann goforth

    There is alot of saddness in the hearts of many people. He was such a terrific role model. As a child. i grew up watching the Andy Griffith show and now that i have 3 daughters they all are growing up watching the show. Heaven is that much sweeter now,but he will be missed. Thanks for all the memories. You and deputy Fife are now reunited.
    Sending prayers to the family.

  78. Jamie Fulton

    My heartfelt condolences to the entire Griffith family…that is, the entire USA. We will all miss him, and mourn him yet each and every one of us has learned something from him.

    Andy taught me a lot, both about law enforcement and about parenting. I use lessons from the show to this day, both as a police officer and as a father.

    Here is to a bygone era when life was much simpler. In my household, it still is from 5:30 to 6:00pm every day.

    Rest in peace Sheriff Taylor. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and always.

  79. Scott German

    I am very sad to learn of the passing of Andy Griffith. I have vacationed in Manteo for years and always had hoped to have had an opportunity to meet Andy. Unfortunately I never did but I will always feel he will still be with us. GOD bless you Mr. Griffith you were an American Icon.

  80. Martha Ann Young Gordon

    My prayers and sympathies are with the entire Griffith family at this time. I don’t think Manteo will ever be the same without him! I know my generation will not be the same. We lost a good man on earth, but heaven gained such a wonderful angel.

  81. Georgia Renck

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Griffith family and all who called Mr. Griffith a friend. He touched the world in all the most positive of ways, and for that, I am and will always be most grateful. Thank you, Mr. Griffith.

  82. Tommy Foster, Jr.

    Dear Cindi and Family,

    I want to share two things with you upon hearing of Andy’s death today. First, it has to do with my younger brother Timmy Foster that lives in Louisville, MS. Timmy is 53 and was born with Cerebral Palsy that has manifested into quadraplegia in his later life. Whether he is lying in bed or sitting in his wheelchair, The Andy Griffith Show has always been the highlight of his daily life. When my mother told him of Andy’s death, Timmy turned his head, closed his eyes and cried silently as this is his way of handling grief. I want you to know of the daily joy Andy has brought and will continue to bring to my brother. Even though he is physically confined, Mayberry removes him from his confinement to a place of pure laughter and delight. Second, I once heard an old Pastor say, “It’s not your titles in life that people are truly going to remember you by, but it’s your testimony”. I believe this would be Andy’s heartcry. I thank God for the happiness He has brought to my brother through your husband and father. I pray The Holy Spirit’s comfort on you and your family at this time. Praise God this world is not our home!

  83. Randy and Kathy Vest

    Our deepest sympathy to the Griffith family. Our whole family loved the Andy Griffith show and never tired of those wholesome and funny episodes, that snuck in some important life lessons. Kathy also used several shows to illustrate to her elementary students some character building concepts in a non-preachy way. We are finally taking a long awaited trip to Mount Airy this summer and we will remember Andy each moment we are there. Andy’s role as Matlock was also most enjoyable. Thank you, Andy, you gave all Americans a show that portayed the best of small town living and the best of who we are as a people. Heaven will be blessed to add you to their Gospel choir. We will miss you!

  84. Matt gorman

    Cindi and family, Sorry for the loss of such a great man. I must say that one of the main things in my life was to just get to meet Andy and talk with him of his christian walk. No pictures ot autographs just a genuine talk. I am a youth minister in my hometown of Salem,IN and a career firefighter as well but I can only hope that I can be the man he was. Praying for you and your family in this difficult time but rest assured he is in heaven smiling down. God Bless you and your family.

  85. Loria Dawkins

    My condolences to Mrs. Griffith and family. Your husband was a role model for the world. I loved his TV shows but I especially loved to listen to him sing. I know he is singing with the angels in Heaven. May God be with you in the days ahead…it is comforting to know that he was a Christian and loved the Lord and one day I WILL get to meet him.

  86. Lindsay Fischer

    Our condolences to all the family. Andy Griffith has been our family night entertainment for a long time, our family has watched every episode of Matlock over and over. RIP Andy Griffith “Ben Matlock”
    The Fischer Family, Hiltons, VA

  87. Mark Truemper

    Im so sorry to hear of your loss. I grew up watching Andy and he was a part of my America….God Speed Andy!

  88. Gary Morris

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you during this time of sorrow. My father passed away when I was 4, however I was blessed like so many to be exposed to the Andy Griffith Show where I learned valuable life lessons from Andy. Thank you so much. R.I.P Andy. You will be missed!

  89. Linda Lee

    What a wonderfully humble truly Christian man. We were all blessed to have been in life with you. RIP, Andy.

  90. Johnny and Linda Overby

    We extend our deepest love, prayers and sympathy to all of Andy’s family. He was a big part of our childhood as we loved and watched the Andy Griffith
    Show. Later we followed him on Matlock and still his character was the same, honest, witty and loving. We will miss him and wanted you to know how much he was loved by us! Thanks for the wonderful memories, Andy…we love you. May God bless you all.

  91. Rev. Terry L. Greer

    I well remember Andy saying the greatest influence on his life was Jesus Christ. He said this on The Hour of Power some years ago. He touched me with his witness. I loved hearing him sing his favorite hymns. I so admired him and felt as though I knew him personally. All of America cherished him as a national treasure. Rest in peace, dear one. “May flights of Angels sing him to his rest.”

  92. Steven Chandler

    The Andy Griffith Show will always mean home to me where ever I am.
    Thank you Mr. Griffith.

  93. Kim Holloway

    Our deepest sympathies go out to the family of Andy Griffith. I grew up watching the Andy Griffith show and my mom taught my bird how to whistle the theme song. Loved him and Barney Fife!! God Bless!!

  94. Gregory Leng

    Dear Cindi & the Griffith family, I am almost 49 years old and can not remember Andy Griffith not being a part of my life. He was my dad, Opie my brother and Barney my uncle. I cried today and knew I would when this day would come. I witnessed his faith when they dedicated the Highway to him in Mt. Airy. One of the 1st people to arrive that day was myself and I drove from Asheville to see Andy’s special moment. I am from Greensboro and a photographer that works for the newspaper there took a photograph that ended up on the front page of Andy and right in the middle of the picture is another photographer, myself! I found out it was a colleague of mine that took the photo and he did not even know I was in it until I called him. It is a very special part of my collection. Andy also signed a couple of photo’s for me and was very generous. I know a lot of people from Mt. Airy and others that say Andy was not the same person he portrayed on The Andy Griffith Show. Andy himself admitted to this. What he did do was create a world that was heavenly. We all have our battles and problems and I think Andy did a great job dealing with his. I know he loved his wife Cindi and she loved him. My heart goes out to her especially. His music and hymns are very special to me. Andy Griffith was a class A rated actor and he never received the awards he deserved. We can all rest in peace today knowing he finally has received the greatest reward anyone could. He has heard our Lord say “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” God bless the Griffith family, my prayers are with you. I feel like I have lost my father and one day I look forward to seeing him again. In Jesus Christ name, respectfully, Gregory Hugh Leng, Asheville, North Carolina

  95. Tommy Nichols

    Cindi, I could go on and on describing how special Andy Griffith was to me and I know countless others. I was so impressed with him on the show that I just knew there wasn’t anyone who could be that kind, generous, and just “one of the guys.” Until I met him. Then I saw it first-hand. Although he couldn’t be “just one of the guys” because of his recognizable face, he was very kind. The Andy Griffith Show taught a lot of us how to act and be “somebody.” A first-class individual who seemed to include a moral in every show. RIP.

  96. gayle gulick

    My heart is sad for you. A difficult job to share your husband with the world. Praying for comfort. I am greatful our paths crossed.
    Gayle Gulick Lost Colony 1975-1977.

  97. Christian

    Germany will miss you!
    You gave us an understanding insight the Southern style with heart, soul, smartness and fairness like nobody else!

  98. Danny O'Brien

    Andy will live on for generations to come as we continue to enjoy his many talents. It is amazing the number of people he has influenced in such a positive way for so many years. I know Andy Taylor and Ben Matlock were just characters he potrayed very well, but Andy Griffith was a real and wonderful; man! Thanks so much for the many influences you have had on my life over the years.

    Danny O’Brien
    Elizabethtown, Kentucky

  99. Beverly SawyerPerry

    I grew up watching Andy and all the gang and now whenever I find him on we watch with my Father who is almost 88 and as I am typing Matlock is being watched by him..He has always been a time of restfulness and happiness in our home ..He will be missed but His reruns will be with us until we depart from our beloved North Carolina…our prayers are with you at this most somber time….Beverly and Jimmy Perry and Herman Sawyer

  100. Danny and Diane Baldwin

    Thanks for all the great memories from the Andy Griffith show.It will always remind me of a simpler time when we had time to love one another and mean it.The early episodes are true life lessons for all of us. Rest in peace and may god hold your family in his loving hands.

  101. Bill Norton

    You will be missed but never forgotten. You’ll live in our hearts forever. God speed , Andy!

  102. R Burke

    Andy will be greatly missed. Andy lived his life with the faith and hope that we all would learn something from his life. RIP Don Knots and the others now the great legend to once again laugh with.

  103. Darlene Robinson

    Thank you for sharing Andy with us all these years. His portrayal of a simpler, peaceful life was touching to so many and I wish we could have life like that these days. May you feel the peace of the Lord surround you and comfort you now and in the days ahead. Treasure the precious memories for they are worth more than gold.

  104. Sandra Onley

    Early in our marriage my husband and I and our children watched Andy all the time and identified with growing up in a small town where everybody knew everybody. Today children want to watch so much action movies or TV shows but my grandchildren also watch the old reruns of Andy and Barney and laugh as much as we did years ago. His kind of humor will never die.
    Sandra Onley Elizabeth City, NC

  105. Doris Lee

    A Beloved Icon had gone home to be with his Lord. He will be much missed by all who grew up watching him on TV.
    So sorry for your loss.

  106. Felecia Young

    So sorry for your loss. The world has lost a wonderful man. Such a positive influence on millions!

  107. Brigitte M. McAdoo

    With prayers and sympathy to all who will miss Andy. He was a close friend and collector of my father’s (Donald McAdoo) artwork. I never got to meet him but feel like I have. If my father were alive he would send a loving message, I am doing it in his place. Fondly, Brigitte McAdoo

  108. Patti Godbey

    I have not been able to stop crying this morning. The news yesterday was a shock, but reading the newspaper today made it so real. I brought my children up in West Virginia, and they grew up in a small town like Mayberry. I’m so thankful for Andy’s influence in their lives. I now live in North Carolina and watch every Mayberry and Matlock rerun that I can. The earth has lost a great man, but his testimony lives on. My thoughts and prayers will be with you for many days ahead. I have been through Mount Airy, but have never been to the Andy Griffith Museum. That’s at the top of my bucket list now.

  109. Gregg Thompson

    As a child of the sixties I grew up with the Mayberry family,an avid fan to this day Andy got me through times of sorrow and pain always a place of comfort. A Thompson family tradition always watch”The Christmas Story” episode on Christmas Eve. You Andy will always live in our hearts and be example to me and mine of what is good and gracious. God Bless You, Andy

  110. Debbie miller

    Gone but never forgotten May u rest is peace. Andy and Barney are together again.

  111. David Cates

    I think a part America died when Any died. I feel like I’ve lost a member of my own family. God bless Andy Griffith. There will never be another…..

  112. Gregg Thompson

    Andy and your family brings our family happy smiles every day. .. With much love, Marie Thompson

  113. Larry Roques

    Our condolences from a family where Andy was so deeply embedded in our hearts and childhood memories. We have all suffered loss, but our hearts and prayers are extended to Mr. Griffith’s family that the peace of God would comfort your hearts in the days to come. Thank you for sharing him with the world.

  114. Doug Jones

    Thanks for the memories Andy. Sheriff Taylor taught us many lessons the most important of which was how to be a good and decent man. You can’t live life looking in the rear view mirror but when you look at the world around us you miss the simple times you saw on the streets of Mayberry and we will now forever miss this warm and gentle soul who taught us so much. Thanks to Andy’s family for sharing him with us–our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  115. richard dearwester

    what can i say about andy griffith? This amazing actor,showed us all that life can be icecream socials and saturday nite dances, if we let it.Good bye sherrif taylor and barney too.RIP

  116. Debra Crader and Family

    You are not alone in your time of grief. May you find peace and comfort in your time of loss.
    Debra Crader and family
    Aurora, Illinois

  117. Tommla Lusher

    May God wrap his arms around the family and give you comfort at this heartbreaking time . Prayers for the family.

  118. James Evans

    You will truly be missed, I watch the show almost everytime it came on. I remember watching Andy growing up as a kid. Everyone will truly miss you Sheriff Andy Taylor…

  119. Joe and Nancy

    Rest in Peace. We have and will continue to enjoy all of the shows and movies you have so expertly and wonderfully performed in

  120. Sheri

    You have no idea the impact that Andy had on our lives growing up with him, watching his shows as a adult. He will be dearly missed. MY thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  121. Colette Martin

    Thought and prayers to the family. As you shared Andy with the world, we also loved him. A good Godly person, who gave us clean humor. I’ll never forget what he meant to America. He will be in my heart forever.

  122. Jack Gill

    “No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” Theodore Roosevelt

    I’m 62, so grateful to have grown up with a generation that truly exemplified the spirit of caring for their friends and family.

    You will forever be my hero Andy.


    Jack Gill
    Sioux Falls, SD

  123. Gary Coffey

    A part of America has died, yet we know Andy is at peace with his Lord. We thank the family for sharing him with the world. May God bless you.

  124. Henry Ziewacz

    Thank you for the years of enjoyment on the Andy Griffith Show, Matlock, and the CD of religious music. Rest in Peace.

  125. Jane Holmes, Sons and Grandson

    My grandson told me not long ago “Me and Daddy watch Andy Griffith almost every day.” He will be missed, but live on in the many reruns we watch. Our prays are with his family and many friends…… The Holmes Family

  126. Lewis Carter

    I like other grew up watching the Andy Griffith show. Mr. Griffith you wer an inspiration to so many of us. A true american Icon. RIP, Sheriff Taylor. May you memory live on in the reruns.

  127. Gayle Holmes

    I have always been a huge fan of Andy and Barney. I watch him daily on tvland. I watched the marathon today and shed a few tears. A true southern gentleman and tv icon has left to be with the Lord. RIP Andy. Love you always!



  129. Betty Brewer and friends

    Dear family, Andy was such a beautiful person inside and out. He will be dearly missed by all. We have visited Mt. Airy and plan to return. His shows will live forever. Rest in peace. We are praying for your family.

  130. Bobbie Gates

    May the Lord comfort you each moment in the loss of your beloved Andy. My prayers are with the family.

    When Mr. Griffith and Johnny Cash were making the movie, “Murder in Coweta County,” my husband gave them a tour of the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. (He was Chief Psychologist.). He always told me his impression from their chat was that Mr. Griffith seemed to be a genuine, likeable, good Christian man…easygoing as he appeared on TV. As an Asheville Tarheel, transplanted to Atlanta, I’ve always been proud of the admirable way Mr. Griffith represented North Carolina.

    May God grant you peace in knowing he is in His loving care.
    Bobbie Gates
    Atlanta, Ga

  131. shannon morgan

    Dear sweet family of Andy Griffith,

    My heart was so sad at the news of Andy’s passing. He was a part of my family even though we had never met him face to face. He is a part of the family of God as are we. He was your husband and a father. Your loss is great as heavens gain is also great. Go rest high on the mountain Andy. Praying for your family.


    Lieber Andy, ruhe in Frieden und danke für die schöne Zeit mit Matlock.

    Thomas Toeren, aus Köln Deutschland.

  133. Gail Zizik

    What a sad day in my life history on the passing of Andy Griffith. I was born in 1955 & grew up on The Andy Griffith Show & later Matlock. One observation I have taken from the media exposure is that Andy was always a gentlemen among men in Hollywood. Whether this was purposeful or not, his characters belied the man behind the role. I am an ardent fan of watching the Matlock marathons on TV, and will truly miss that the man behind the character is not with us. To his family, only being a fan I cannot convey my condolences in a way that impacts you personally. But know that what he embodied in his life & career has blessed you with being part of his family & he is truly missed by his fans and this country. May you manage your immediate days of personal grief with dignity, smile in the remembrance of personal memories, & know that you have been blessed to be family to a man who has has an immeasurable impact on the society of this country. Andy is an American Gentleman who will be truly missed.

  134. Jeffery Nichols

    My prayers are with the family and for our great country. Andy Griffith symbolized what we all need in our lives.
    Kindness, a genuine concern for others, and a belief that we all lead by example. What a kind, decent man and it just seemed that while he was here he just made us all feel like friends and neighbors. Now my friend you take your last trip to Mayberry and will forever remain in our hearts and our memories.

    Goodbye Mr Griffith and thank you for all the laughter.

    A huge fan,
    Jeffery Nichols

  135. mary s

    Farewell to the most decent, loving,fine example of a man ever to come out of the film industry. From “what it was was football” to the Andy Griffith show-to Matlock-to the movie “waitress”… too many fine performances to mention. If I feel down from today’s world events, I just have to watch something with Andy in it and I feel a sense of renewal in mankind. God bless you ,Andy ,and my sincere condolences to the Griffith family. Your loss is felt worldwide.

  136. Wesley Derey

    Andy brought so much entertainment and lessons to my life that I shall never forget. May you rest in the peaceful hands of God while at the same time He takes care of your wife as she goes through her grieving process. I will always miss you Andy.


    My deepest condolences to the family. May all the wonderful memories help you through difficult times. I grew up watching Andy Griffith Show.It taught us morales and respect for others. It’s very comforting to this day to watch. You don’t see wholesome shows on tv anymore.We will alway have a special place in our heart for Mr.Griffith.we will see him in the ressurection.
    John 5:28,29

    Sincerely Betty Ramirez

  138. Charles Cullens

    I grew up watching every your programs each and every time it came on.

    I also watched all the MatLock shows.

    You brought much fun and laughter to this nation.

    We were so sorry to hear of your passing.

    Our prayers are with your family.

  139. anna anderson


  140. John K Beazley

    I was deeply saddened by the passing of a american icon who I grew up with all my life watching him on tv. Andy and Barney will be in my heart until I am buried thank you so much for your kindness understanding and a overall WONDERFUL person
    God Bless your soul Andy
    John K Beazley

  141. Sandy

    Prayers for the Griffith family. Love Andy and his Outer Banks. I was so lucky to be staying at the hotel where Matlock was filmed. Got to see Andy on the beach and took a picture of his infamous boots. Lots of happy memories from Andy.

  142. Jackie Crump

    I was sorry to hear of Andy Griffith’s passing. I always enjoyed watching the Andy Griffith Show while growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. My sympathy and prayers to his family. He will be missed by all.

  143. Danielle Bough

    My Thoughts & Prayers go out to the entire Griffith Family! Like many others, I too grew up watching Andy on television …his honest sincerity and compassion were unlike any other. My heart is saddened by the loss of this great man and friend. My God Comfort the Family. Andy, you are greatly missed and loved by many!

  144. Edward Weiss

    Thanks so much for being a role model of what a great dad can be. My dad died when i was young. I looked to Mr. Griffith as a father figure! I am so glad he was here on this earth. Please tell his family that he was a dad to many people. I will always remember him!!! Thank you Andy!! I will always remember you !!!!

    Edward T Weiss

  145. Patti Godbey

    I cried all morning. It was such a shock when I heard about Andy’s death yesterday. Today, reading the articles in the Star News,it really hit me. I raised my two girls in a small town in West Virginia much like Mayberry. I’m so glad that they had the influence of Andy in their lives. Today I live in North Carolina. I watch the Matlock reruns everyday. I’ve been through Mount Airy many times, but have never been to the Andy Griffith Museum. That’s at the top of my bucket list now. Andy has left this earth, but his influence lives on. I will continue to keep your family in my thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.

  146. Clyde Farr

    Andy and Mayberry will live on forever. When future generations study the formative years of television, the iconic Andy Griffith Show will give them glimpse into a simpler time in American history. The show’s lovable characters are as entertaining to watch today as they were when the episodes first aired. Thanks Andy for all the memories. Rest in Peace.
    Clyde Farr – Augusta, GA

  147. Joan Flowers

    We Lost One Of Our TV Fathers Yesterday “Andy Griffith” We Grew Up In A Time When We Not Only Had Our Parents & Next Door Neighbors Looking Out For Us But We Had “Aunt Bee” & “Gober” & “Barney” & “Floyd” All Teaching Us That Togetherness & Tenderness & Respect For One Another & Your Fellow Man “Saves The Day” “Opie” Was Every Little Girls Dream Crush “He Was Such A Joy To Watch & The Interaction Between Him & Andy “Melt The Heart” This Is One Actor I Would Have Been Proud To Meet-Proud To Act With! May We All Learn That What Made That Show Last Wast “Truth & Love” & Draw Back To Those Times To Show Inspite Of A Changed World “Andy”+”Opie” & “Aunt Bee” Gave Us LOVE! Rest In Peace Andy With Your TV Family In The Sky-Til We Get To Hear Your Voice Again! We Love You! Thanks For All The Great Moments You Gave Us That Will Last Until We See You Again! Bless You & Yours!

  148. Jeanette & Mark Hege

    Dear Cindi and Family, Our Sympathy and Prayers are with you during this difficult time. Such an honor to meet you both. You were always a delight to fly, whether for business or pleasure.

  149. Bill and Judy Beasley


  150. T. Storey

    May all our prayers be with the Griffith family. My thoughts today are Andy now will be able to sit and sing and entertain the Lord and angels in heaven as he did so well here on earth. We will all miss a true American, America’s Sheriff and the true attorney for everyone’s justice. Thanks for life’s true treasure, may he now rejoice with the lord.

  151. Jennie M.

    Saddened at Andy’s death, but so grateful for the joy he brought to so many lives. He may be gone from our world, but is surely rejoicing in the next one!

  152. Susan Sims

    Your show has been such an endearing part of not only my childhood, but even today, as I watch it with such fondness. Thank you Mr. Griffith. God speed.

  153. phil

    May all of our prayers and thoughts to you and your family be with you. I’ve watched Andy’s programs ever since my younger days till today…I watch his Matlock series every day. Today is July 4th, and we have a Matlock marathon going, on TV..Again my thoughts and prayers, from me and my family in Hawaii……

  154. R. S. Pinner

    Rest in peace Andy, I join the whole world in loving you. I will always think of you when I whistle or pick up my guitar.

    Greeley, Colorado

  155. lester abrams

    i would like to say that i am very sorry for your loss. Andy was a great actor and he will always live on in are hearts. weather it will be good old sheriff andy taylor or ben matlock, or many of the other great roles he played. Andy was a great actor and will never be forgotten. again my deepest thoughts and prayers
    lester abrams

  156. Paul Arcuri

    Andy was a person that was genuine. You could sense that he really was kind-hearted, down to earth and filled with wisdom. His job was an actor but no matter the character he played you could see the kindness in his eyes. I only wish I had a chance to meet him and shake his hand. He was a great man not just for his family, but also for every single person that watched and learned from him on TV.

  157. Rhett B. White

    Cindi & Family,
    We were so sadened to learn of Andys death. He was such an inspiration and source of pride for all of North Carolina.
    Gwen and I are proud to have known you and Andy and are thankful for the generous sharing of your time and Andy’s stories. God bless you.
    Rhett & Gwen White

  158. Ken Nesbitt

    It’s remarkable how the passing of someone you’ve never met, spoken or corresponded with can leave such a void in your heart. If I could have sat down for a brief conversation with anyone in history, Andy would have been my choice. For years I have wondered If he really knew what The Andy Griffith Show meant to his fans. I don’t hink he really liked being known primarily as “Sheriff Taylor”, but I know TAGS fans agree this accomplishment was enough to put him at the top of the list. He certainly proved his diverse talent for entertaining people aside from TAGS. Never a week goes by that I dont comment to others how something goiing on around me reminds me of an episode from the show. So many life lessons, so many laughs, so much fun and sometimes tears. God bless his family, and rest in peace Sheriff Taylor, you served the public well!!!

  159. Perry & Ann Turner

    Cindi, Dixie & girls,
    Our hearts go out to you during this difficult time. All of you are very precious to us. We often think of the great times we had together during at The Lost Colony rehearsals, show time, and socially and we value your friendship. If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to contact us. All of you are always in our prayers.
    We love you,
    Perry & Ann Turner

  160. Richard Winslow

    It has been a few years now since I received my first of many calls from Andy to visit your home and provide cabinetry for you. I will never forget my secretary saying “Any Griffin is on the phone for you”. That was the first of 5 years that I had the opportunity to get to know you and Andy. I think about him every June 1 when his birthday arrives and how wonderful you both were.
    I am deeply saddened by your loss and feel that it is the end of an era.I trust that you can be comforted knowing he was loved by all.
    I am always here for you and appreciate the opportunity we had to know you both. Your friend, Rick Winslow

  161. Danny T. Hogan

    You have made us laugh all your life. You have brought us songs to raze our spirits. Now you are in heaven. Ya know The Lord likes good jokes and songs too..

    We love you Andy,

    Danny Hogan

  162. Brian Kaufman

    Cindi and Family,

    What a joy it was to grow up watching The Andy Griffith Show re-runs on television with my mother, father, borthers, and sisters. Today, I watch TAGS re-runs with my wife, son and daughters. Andy’s character has helped to teach us so much about what is truly important in life.
    Heaven is fuller today with Andy’s presence there. It is sad that Andy is gone from us, but joyous when we reflect on where he is and what he taught so many. We wish you all comfort and will be praying for you.

  163. Lea Ann Weatherford

    TO Andy’s family. Thank you for sharing this wonderful kind, great actor ans most of all a great all around human being,in our homes over the years I grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show, also have his greatest Gospel hits, what a multi talented god fearing man. May his memory live on in our hearts forever….

  164. cindim

    Cindi & Family,

    Thank you for sharing Mr. Andy with us over the years. You truly loved him well.

    I will miss the man he played on tv, but his ‘character’ lives on. You will miss the actual man, but again, his true character will live on.

    Thoughts & prayers to you, and please know that the worldwide hug you are feeling is sincere, because we all feel we have lost a friend.

  165. James and Wilma Shannon

    Grew up watching, and still watch the Andy Griffith Show! Mr.Griffith was an American Icon for sure! Earth loss is Heaven’s gain!

  166. Laurie Jeffries

    Dear Cindi and Family,
    Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your extended family on the passing of your dear husband, Mr. Griffith. He was a fine Christian man with a wonderful singing voice who will be deeply missed by everyone especially here in North Carolina. While I was growing up in Elizabeth City during the 1970-1971 school year at Central School, I had Mrs. Marjalene Thomas as my third grade teacher. She was also an actress in the Lost Colony and would tell us the most wonderful stories about portraying the colony women as Queen Elizabeth I and as Eleanor Dare. We loved her and her stories and she loves The Lost Colony as much as Mr. Griffith did. I try to go see it every chance that I can. I also truly enjoyed Mr. Griffith in Brad Paisley’s “Waitin’ on a Woman” video. Seeing him sitting there on the bench at the Tanger Outlet Center in Nags Head and on the beach at the Outer Banks gives me a true sense of pride for our area that is also your home. I’m sure that he is patiently waiting on a bench in heaven to see you again. My prayers are with you and your family at this time.
    In Christ’s Love,
    Laurie Weeks Jeffries

  167. Elaine Bailey

    There is nothing so pure to watch on television anymore. Those hometown virtues and morals need to be viewed by youth today. Thank u.

  168. Thomas Omick

    I grew up watching the Andy Griffith Show, I still watch the old episodes every chance I have. There is always a lesson to be learned, or a value to embrace in every show. My deepest condolences to the family. Andy and Barney are together again in Heaven.

  169. Delores Ford

    We have lost another legand and they are not making anymore. “Ang” as Don Knotts would say, we are going to miss you. You have given us so much of “you” and we hold those memories close to us. Thank you for sharing your life and coming into our homes each week to make us smile. As a southerner would say, “You did us proud.” It’s time for you to rest now, we will all be along soon. Peace be with you……

  170. The Robinson Family

    Andy’s family,
    I pray God will confort you in your loss. Andy will always live on in our hearts and will be missed very much. He is the kind of hero that our kids need to look up to! What a wonderful man he was. Thank you for sharing him with us. Love you Andy!
    The Robinson family from Arden, NC

  171. Josh Graves & the entire Graves Family

    My heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to the family of Andy Griffith. I am from Paintsville, Kentucky, however we made our yearly vacation spot on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and visited Manteo often. The world definitely lost an unparalleled person with Andy. My heart is broken over his loss, and would have loved to have met him in person. I will always continue to watch my DVD’s and re-runs of the Andy Griffith show.

  172. C Dunagan

    Sincere condolences to the Griffith family. We knew the actor and feel great loss, so sorry the absence you will have. Thank you for sharing Mr. Griffith with us all for so long. My family has always and will continue to enjoy his inspirational spirit.

  173. Clyde Farr

    Andy and Mayberry will live on forever. When future generations study the formative years of television, the iconic Andy Griffith show will give them a glimpse into a simpler time in American life. The show’s lovable characters are as entertaining to watch today as they were when the episodes first aired. Thanks for the memories Andy. Rest in Peace.

  174. Ray Cobb

    There will never be another man like Andy Griffith, most of America has grow up we him, and we all feel just a little like he was part of our family, I honestly don’t believe there is a more recogized name in America today, we will all truly miss him

  175. Michael

    Even though I never met him, hearing about Andy’s death was like losing a member of my family. I’m sure when he began the “Andy Griffith Show” he couldn’t fathom then what an influence the show would have on America. The show reflected our Southern way of life and taught us values. I hope he’s reuniting with Barney, Aunt Bee, Helen, Goober, Floyd, Otis, Emmett, Howard and all the rest of the gang in heaven right now. You were one-of-a-kind. We’ll miss you Andy.

  176. April Prater

    I grew up watching the Andy Griffith show, as did my parents grandparents and now my 7 yo daughter. We may not know him personally, but feel as though we do and that he is a part of the family. He seems sort of like a favorite uncle or something. I cried Tues morn when I heard the sad news. I know he is with our Lord, but so sad for everyone else. May God Bless your whole family in this time of sadness. Thank you Andy for all the wonderful times and laughs, you are now making heaven a little happier and funny.

  177. Loretta Clark

    I grew up watching Andy and enjoying his show and his comedy but his love for his Lord was the most important thing he showed. His shows, his songs, his life, and his family were such a reflection of God’s love. He will never be forgotten. God bless you and give you comfort because you will see him again.

  178. George Raynor

    Politics aside, Mr. Griffith was a favorite son of NC. Being a military brat of the 60s and 70s, NC was known as the home of Mr. Griffith and Billy Graham. Thanks for the memories. Godspeed to your family.

  179. Jessica Malone

    I am a 29 year old girl from west Texas. I watched The Andy Griffith Show with my parents and grandparents and never has an actor touched my life the way Andy did. There will never be another like him and America truly lost it’s father in my opinion. I’m grieving him as I would a member of my own family, I loved him so. My sincerest condolences to the family and loved ones of this great man. xo

  180. Margaret Leonard

    After reading all the above messages, I too will miss him–but he will always be in our hearts and hopefully his re-runs be on television for years to come. I live in Galax, Va and for 40 some years at 5:30p.m. on channel 7, WDBJ , they air The Andy Griffith Show.

  181. Brad Zenz

    My deepest sympathy to Andy’s family…he lived a long life that inspired so many. He was a huge impact on my life and has helped shape who I am. I once wrote this simple poem for him I’d like to share:

    Thanks, Andy
    For making me smile
    And taking me away
    For a little while.

    God bless!

  182. Randy and Kim Boswood

    He touched our hearts and our integrity through television. You were blessed to share your life with him. Happy Memories will keep his spirit alive and for us to strive to be “like Andy”.

    In Christian sympathy.

  183. Brad & Wanda Hoover

    As many others I grew up with Andy and the Mayberry town. I even used tapes of the show in my classroom to teach with. We vacation in Manteo every year. I always think of Andy when I am there. It will be different now, but his spirt will always go on. Thought and prayers for the family. HEY to everyone.

  184. Reginald

    My condolences to the family of Andy Griffith. i have had the opportunity of watching what i believe might be all of Andy’s shows, both The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock. His passing will certainly leave a void in the lives of all of those who can appreciate good lesson from a well scripted and acted TV show. Andys wisdom and his wit will live on in our memories, and the memories of my children for a log time to come. may he rest in peace.

  185. Kathy Knight

    To the family of Andy Griffith, so very sorry to hear of his death, our loss, but Heaven’s gain. He will be missed by so many, praying God’s comfort to all the family.

  186. Sara Hendrix

    I can remember my parents watching the Andy Griffith Show in the early 60s. Us children had to be in bed early, but I still remember my mom and dad laughing out in the living room. Years later my passion for bluegrass music was ignited through his show. My husband was transferred to Cherry Pt from El Toro, CA, and North Carolina has been our home for the last 30 years. We last heard Andy’s voice last month at the Lost Colony. Sorry to be so long, but just wanted you to know Andy’s life has touched me in so many ways. My warmest condolences to the family.

  187. Sally McGuffin

    Please accept my sincere condolences.
    Though I never had the opportunity to meet
    Andy. the news washed over me as if a
    member of my own
    family had passed on.
    Lean on your faith and know one day
    you will all be together again.
    Good Night Sheriff.

  188. Doug Justice

    One of my heroes.He did more to uphold and promote the values of Faith, Family and Friends than any one in entertainment. I watched “Andy” all my life and have in many decisions ask myself ” What would Andy do?”

    My condolences to the family.

  189. allen frame

    when you watch his show he felt like a friend, or one of the kind folks hope to see you in the big resiation promis by jeaus crist sorry for the loss it feel like every one lost someyhing


  190. allen frame elyria ohio 44035

    andy seam to be a friend to every one
    a terriable loss hope to see him in the big resiation promis by jeaus crist
    andy may your sole rest in peace

  191. Patrick

    Andy Griffith was a household name, a person whom belonged within the family and now will be so missed. The person was more than an actor but part of my life whom I will miss so very much. Thank you for being part of my life and my families life. Respectfully, Patrick & Family

  192. jfahnestock

    I ‘M 76, & have watched the show as long as its been on. To me in was as if on every show there was a definate life message in for everyone & I loved it. We have a cockatoo who starts whistling the theme tune each time it comes on the tv, & sometimes at night when I PUT HIS COVER OVER HIS CAGE. So as long as we have “Beekers” we will always have Andy & the whole “Mayberry Gang with us. Thanks so much for all the joy you gave us Andy, now rest in Jesus & we will see you again in Heaven God Bless YOU.

  193. Joseph Frame

    My condolences to the family of Andy Griffith.
    I watched as a child every week The Andy Griffith show, and still watch the re runs. Andy was a great actor and he will always live on in our hearts. Andys wisdom and his wit will live on in our memories, for a log time to come. A first-class individual who seemed to include a moral in every show. A truly GREAT SHOW that show a Great time in a simply world that we live in at that time. Happy Memories of ANDY will keep his spirit alive for us to strive to be like ANDY. Andy for all the wonderful times and laughs you made this world a kinder place.

  194. Joe Foster

    This is what I think when I hear the name Andy Griffiths now….




  195. pattie mcneely roberts

    so sorry andy has left us but looking forward to the day when we can greet him in heaven. sherriff taylor taught us many lessons of life with humor and grace. matlock was so smart always getting the crooks. i have watched andy all my life with my brothers,sisters, parents and children. no one ever had to worry about being exposed to anything offensive and we always knew we would enjoy every minute no matter how many times we had seen it and i found many tips to help me deal with my children as they grew up. he will truly be missed.

  196. Thomas Rochford

    To the family of Andy Griffith, may your burden of sorrow and grief be alleviated by the memory of a man who was welcomed into almost every home in this country via television. Americas sheriff has finally retired. Rest in peace Sheriff Andy Taylor.

  197. Steve C

    My father and I watched you as I grew up and my friends and I watched you when we hung out, now my sons and I continue to watch you after 45 years. Rest in Peace Andy.

  198. Tracy Knight

    Andy Griffith was a wonderful actor and singer, so talented, so genuine. My family and I loved him and his shows and they will always be a part of our lives; he made us happy. His beloved Manteo is such a special place — for its beauty, history, and charm — and because it was his home. It is very sad to lose Andy Griffith. I so wish I had met him. My heartfelt prayers are with his wife and family.

  199. Fr. Tony Burkhart

    Every gem has many facets that help shape the light and create its beauty. From the side of Andy the public could see it only follows his private side was of the same beauty that helped shape generations of young viewers. Andy was a gem of rare quality who touched others with his special gifts. I pray the Holy Spirit bring comfort and peace to his family and friends. Andy will shine on in the heavenly light eternally. Eternal rest grant him, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon him.

  200. C. Harrell

    Our prayers are with your family. We all feel as if he is a part of our extended family. I have watched his show and his career all of my life. I hope you take comfort in all the joy he brought to so many. I pray the legacy of integrity and faith he left to so many people will give you peace. God Bless.

  201. D. Reynolds

    I will always cherish the time I was able to meet and speak to Mr. Griffith. He was an absolute gentleman.

    Surely his legacy will touch many generations to come. We will remember all those who are suffering with the loss of this national treasure in our thoughts and prayers.

  202. Don Covington

    Cindi: What a wonderfully funny story teller the world has lost. I hope you were taking notes and choose to share some of the funny personal stories that Andy related to you and those of us who were fortunate enough to enjoy his company. May God give you strength and peace during this trying time. I’m the person who dug up your yards and flower beds.

  203. Jeannette Hamilton

    Andy Griffith always brought a smile
    to me, whether it was as sherif Taylor
    or Matlock., I recently was injured
    and while recuperating watched series
    from Matlock every morning. He was
    defintely very special and will be
    greatly missed

  204. LAURIE SNYDER Mexico MO.

    The Griffith family,
    i am sorry for your loss, i love to watch the Andy Griffith show. I wish they would make shows like his today, good clean family shows.

  205. Myra Twiddy

    May the Lord give you strength to carry on as each day passes by. I liked Mr. Andy in Matlock and I always tried to watch it when it came on.

  206. Michelle Gill

    I met Andy and his wife 13 years ago while I was pregnant with my daughter. My husband worked in the produce department of the Seamark in Nags Head and Andy and Cindi shopped there regularly. He was always so nice and just a regular guy. My grandfather is a big fan of his and I grew up watching everything he was ever in. I have also started my children doing that. He will surely be missed, not only for his strong belief in GOD but also for the calmness that he brought to the TV screen. My kids have learned alot from watching him and I know I am a better parent for the lessons he taught. RIP Andy!

  207. Karen & Jeff Peele

    Mrs. Griffith, we share in your loss and are praying for you and the family. There is, has or never will be a more “pure” show as his were. Im sure people will enjoy them for years to come. I was just telling my husband this morning that I could picture him in Heaven like he was in the music video. The town in which is adjacent to us is Goldsboro and my dad remembers when he taught there. May God have his hand with you during this time. Remember Isaiah 41:13 “For I , Jehovah God, will take the by thy right hand saying, Fear not, for I will help the.” This has gotten me through alot and I hope that it helps you as well. God bless you all. Sincerely, Jeff & Karen Peele Pikeville NC

  208. Marta may

    Andy Griffith Show & Matlock will forever be favorites in our family. praying he was a Christian, but believing he was, by his actions. see you in heaven Andy.

  209. michael swingle

    America has lost a truly remarkable person . R I P Mr Griffith and thank you for making so many childhood memories for we as viewing public who grew up with you

  210. ANN YOUNG

    My sincere sympathy to the Griffith family. Andy Griffith has been a long-standing favorite personality in our family for many years. His approach to the acting and music professions went well above and beyond of what is currently demonstrated. May God bless each member of the family. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you. He will be truly missed.

  211. vickie

    My condolences to the family of Andy Griffith.
    I watched as a child every week The Andy Griffith show, and still watch re But I really like the Matlock program. He was superb as Matlock. I have seen every one of them and can watch re-runs for hours. I would love to buy the DVDs. You must have been so proud to have him as a family member, I always saw him as the most wonderful and kind human being. God Bless Him, and RIP MR. ANDY GRIFFITH, you are one of the very best in show business I have ever seen.member of the family. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you. He will be truly missed. Sincerely Vickie

  212. Deborah Manning Martin, RN

    Dear Cindi and family, I was very saddened to hear of Andy’s passing. He contributed to this world in such a special manneler and he left his mark on this world for generations to come. May our precious Lord comfort you and all of us as we say good-bye to a wonderful and talented man. Cindi, I just feel with all my heart and soul that he is now sitting on a bench at Heaven’s Gate waiting on his women.

  213. Faye Lewark Daniels

    My thoughts are with you and your family at this time; may your memories bring you comfort.

    “Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” ~~ Eskimo Proverb

  214. Gary and June Watson

    To the Family of Andy Griffith: We have never met you all in person, but our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. We have enjoyed the reruns of the Andy Griffith Show. Andy was able to share His Faith with a huge congregation. May God comfort you in the days ahead. The hymns he loved will also bring peace to your soul.

  215. Keith Martin

    I Was Saddened By The Loss Of Mr. Griffith. I Have Grew Up Watching All Of The Movies, & TV Shows He Ever Done. There Will Never Be No One Like Andy, These Shows That Are On Now Are Not Worth Watching. I Have Been To The Outer Banks Many Times, Have Enjoyed Going To The Lost Colony, & Knowing That Andy Was Close By. Rest In Peace My Friend. Thanks For Giving Our Family My Hours Of Entertainment And Quality Time Together. Also To The Family, I Am Sorry For Your Loss.

  216. Barbara Padgett

    I was so saddened to hear of Andy’s passing. His tv series of The Andy Griffith show was my all time favorite. My husband and I have the whole series of his show. We have been to Mt.Airy,NC several times. Visited the museum. We also have several of his CD’s and cassettes. Thank you for all the memories you have left us with. My only regret was not having the pleasure of meeting him in person. RIP my friend! Our prayers are with his wife, Cindi ,family and friends.

  217. J.R. Perez

    Andy,you made tv , what it was all about in the old school mode. I very sorrowful to know of your passing. I grew up watching you as millions of others. But you touched my heart personally. Thank you for bring such joy and laughtier into my families and I life. You will be trully missed.

  218. Marge Irwin

    To the family of Andy Griffith.
    My heart really goes out to the family of Andy. I am 79 years old, and Andy has been a very special person to me. From the first program of Andy of Mayberry,and I still watch Matlock. He was a true actor and I loved him like a really true friend. I will really miss him but will watch his programs as long as I live and I hope when he gets to his special place in heaven he will say hello to my son Chris, he would love it.

    May God Bless him and all his family.

    He will be truly missed.

    Love from a friend, Marge

  219. Kevin Lauffer

    My entire family grew up watching The Andy Griffith
    Show. Most enjoyable and entertaining program
    there ever was. Any was truly one of the most down to earth people you could ever imagine. I’m so sorry
    that he was ill and will miss him greatly. But we have
    wonderful memories thru tv videos and dvd’s. thank
    you Andy for everything> Will miss you. Say hello to my mom and dad in heaven. Rest in peace – your suffering is over. God Bless

  220. Joyce Illar

    May the Griffith family find peace and joy in the days ahead. Andy, thank you for creating heart warming stories and memories that will last forever for me. See you on the other side of the river.

  221. Bob Bradshaw

    Condolences to the Griffith family. What a great man and actor. I was raised with the Andy Griffith Show….still watch the reruns…

  222. Mary Ann Aydlett

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Griffith some years ago and he was a gracious, warm, caring man. Please accept my deepest condolences.

  223. Terri Keller

    My sincere sympathies to the Griffith family. Growing up in Winston-Salem, The Andy Griffith Show came on about 3 different channels every day. During my orientation at UNC Chapel Hill, the tour guide mentioned Andy Griffith when we passed by Playmakers Theater. Everyone from N.C. were proud of Mr. Griffith and his accomplishments.
    My parents have enjoyed his gospel CDs. So much talent! He will be missed!

  224. Vinson N. Orr

    I own funeral homes is southwest Oklahoma. I loved “No Time For Sergeants,” and the Andy Griffith shows and consider them (among other things) to help shape my morals and character as well as those I pass down to my two girls for the next generation. It is a tremendous loss…but what a spectacular gain to this world that a man like him did so much and remained so grounded.

  225. Jan Matthias Arendsen Hein

    Ich habe Mr. Griffith nicht persoenlich kennengelernt, aber ich glaube, er war ein grossartiger Mensch. Ich bin ein Fan von ihm, seit ich 15 bin. Dass er nun nicht mehr unter uns ist, empfinde ich als einen grossen Verlust.

  226. Betty Fairchild and Carl Fairchild

    To the family of Andy Griffith you are in our thoughts and prayers. He will be truly missed.
    Carl Fairchild
    Betty Fairchild

  227. Marsha Cumbass

    I have watched every show at least 100 times each one, got all the DVD’s. I had all the up most RESPECT for Andy Griffith, just another father in my life. He will surely be missed. I felt like a part of me had died. I LOVED Andy Griffith, he was my HERO ! God Bless the family and may God comfort you and give you the strength. But he gave us in America so many laughs and memories…R.I.P. Andy Griffith >3

  228. Matthew Haller

    I am saddened to learn of the death of one of my adult-hood hero’s. I am only in my 30’s, but love the show and have my kids (5 & 7) watching the recordings and re-runs still today. Its quality family entertainment! I have so much respect and admiration for the series that never receives its due credit.

    I love to watch old re-runs of the Andy Griffith Show. I purchased as many DVD’s as I could find for fear once TVLand and TBS quit running the show, I would be without the classics.

    The humor, the morals and ethics, and simplicity of life are so pure and heartwarming.

    I always respected the show (and Andy and the cast) for sticking to its identity. Our whole country could benefit from alot more Andy Griffith’s and Mayberry’s. We still enjoy his gospel album as well.

    Rest in Peace, my friend! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for producing such a wonderful show.

    Warm regards,
    The Haller Family
    Chillicothe, OH

  229. David & Dena Clifton

    Dear Cindi and family

    I would like to express my sadness on the loss of your husband and a friend to many. I myself grew up watching The Andy Griffith show and then Matlock in my teen years. The entertainment world has lost a great person who brought smiles and laughter into our homes through the years. I never met Andy but had hoped for a long time that I would have had that honor and privlidge, just to say thank you for those laughs and smiles he brought to me. The Andy Griffith show will live on forever, there will never be another show that was filled with the warm welcome that the town of “Mayberry” offered to its viewers along with the moral values that now seems to be a thing of the past. May Andy rest in peace and May God bless you Cindy and comfort you at this difficult time.

  230. Butch & Maureen Burrus

    Cindi, Our thoughts & prayers are with you at this time of sadness. Please except our condelences for the loss of your husband & a good friend. Love Butch & Maureen.

  231. C.A. and Mary D. Linton

    Mr.Andy’s Family,
    What can we say that has not already been said…”loved,respected and sadly missed by everyone”, whether we met him in person or by way of TV..our heart is heavy with loss as yours is…but we know as a christian God promises better days without sadness or pain and we will be together again with our loved ones..Thank you Miss Cindi and family for having “patience” and “sharing him” with his fans..
    My father also acted in the Lost Colony in the ’30s (a member of CC Camp) and would see Mr Andy on the Organ Inlet Ferry in later years..He stopped by to see my Mom after Dad (Captin Bill)passed..she appreciated that so much..they were to be married on the stage with other couples but my Mom backed down at the last minute because her Mom wasn’t there. So our prayers are with you and with God’s love..
    The Linton Fans from Amherst,VA.

  232. georgia ann o'steen

    I have always enjoyed Andy’s work, but I really enjoyed his music and love of music. He and Don’s voices blended so well. There were times when I questioned his walk with the Lord, but seeing him question it in his lifetime was refreshing. His rededication to the Lord was sincerely noted by many who struggle through the same Christian battles in a world filled with evil. Public figure just do their Christian growing in front of the world. Thank you, Andy, for your public walk towards heaven.

  233. Sue R. Carpenter

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of loss. I can truly say that Andy Griffith left his mark on society with his wholesome, down to earth television program. It was the best show on the air! I grew up in NC watching it as a child and so did my son who is now 35 yrs. old. Each program seemed to teach us a lesson in life and no one could have played the part better than Andy! He will never be forgotten….”RIP Dear Friend”

  234. Ann Wilmar

    My family and I enjoyed watching Andy on The Andy Griffith Show and also Matlock. He was an inspiration to us all.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of your loss.

  235. Rev. Dr. Daniel Schroeder

    To those who knew and loved Andy: his family, his friends, his fans, and followers: I grew up watching Andy (I’m Ron Howard’s age), and I remember well the cozy and welcome feeling that came through the television from Mayberry into our living room. Andy’s love for the Lord was demonstrated through episodes involving Mayberry’s “All Souls’ Church,” which was affirmed in his everyday life. May his witness of the Lord Jesus whom he loved be a comfort to those who mourn, as well as an influence to others. Andy would probably like nothing better than to share an eternity with you all in heaven. May the Lord bless you and keep you in his tender care.

    In Christ’s service,
    Pastor Dan

  236. Dennis Ignet

    Thanks for Andy Taylor,ophie and the
    rest of Mayberry people. You will be truly miss.

  237. Wesley B Wallace

    We have only one shot at this life, To even be considered a senior citizen is a gift from god in itself. But when others can say our lifes work has been so effective in such a positive light to our fellow man, then this my friend is when we can measure our success and honestly say that we have done the work that our lord has meant for us to do even if within ourserlves we thought when we were shortcoming. GREAT JOB

  238. Trish Carson

    Cyndi and family,
    My sincere sympathies on the loss of such an iconic man. Mr. Griffith was a true legend. I met him when I was in the 4th grade and was visiting friends in Manteo. He drove down the path on a Bronco or something and there were chickens in the path that scattered when he drove up. He stopped, popped his head out at all of us kids and said,” Near ’bout got me a chicken, didn’t I?” My mouth just dropped open! Our little girlfriend promptly gathered us together and took us up the path to his house. Wow! He came outside and talked to us and signed autographs. Such kindness! Years later, when I was living in Manteo, I was at Centura Bank at the drive-thru and had inadvertently pulled away with the tube in my lap. I circled around to take it back and ended up behind a white SUV. I got out to take the tube up to the driver, and realized who it was! I smiled and said, “I think you might need this”! Andy was very sociable and we chatted for a few minutes. He told me he had been in Arizona for a while because of his health, but that he missed Manteo and had come back. I told him we were glad to see him and reminded him of our meeting years ago. A very nice couple of encounters! May God bless you and be with you and the family. God bless you, Andy. Thanks for the memories.

  239. Destiny Brown

    I loved the show in its originality and I watch the re-runs every chance I get. He made Matlock. In conversation about life I often mention “I’m looking for Mayberry”; partially because as a child growing up life in the 50’s and early 60’s. I liked him so much my son called me with “we’ve got some bad news…Andy Griffin died”. I know Mr. Griffin was sick for a long time and his quality of life was diminished so I truly bid him rest in peace.

  240. Family Weirauch + Franke from Germany

    Today we`ve heard about Mr. Griffith´s dead.

    He was one of the famoust crimanal stars and we really love his character Matlock.
    Although we did know that he has done a lot of more films, shows and music.

    You are forever in our hearts and thoughts.

    God bless you and thank you for such wonderful films , shows and music.

    Keep heaven laughing

  241. William Thompson

    It was a sad day indeed when the world lost andy griffith. I grew up with andy for many years. May God bless and keep him in his arms. They need laughter in heaven too, and they have the right man for the job. RIP. Till me meet again.

  242. vernelle gause smith


  243. scott burry

    Andy was a good man and a great role model.
    Thank you for being there for him at the end.

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