Cremation Options

Important Notice: Crematory Ownership & Operations

When choosing cremation, one of the most important decisions to make is, Do I want the funeral home that I have called to take care of my loved one to also do the cremation, or allow that firm to outsource the cremation to a third party company? By calling Twiford Funeral Home, you can rest assured that we own our own crematory (Albemarle Crematorium), so we do not have to outsource your loved one to an out of state crematory. Many people assume that the funeral home looks after the cremation; and by calling Twiford Funeral Home, that assumption is correct, unlike other area funeral service providers. The Twiford Funeral Home crematory, Albemarle Crematorium, is licensed by the State of North Carolina, and all of our crematory operators are State Board certified. We feel that since you have entrusted your family member to our care, it is our responsibility to see that all aspects of the cremation process are done properly. Other funeral homes may think that it is fine to outsource the cremation of your loved one to a third party crematory, but Twiford Funeral Home does not.

    At Twiford Funeral Home you can rest assured that your loved one is always in our custody unlike other area funeral homes that do not own and operate its own crematory.

Many people choose cremation because it gives you the flexibility to plan a meaningful service of remembrance. Just because someone chooses cremation, it doesn’t mean that they can not have a memorial service. In fact, you can choose to have any type of service that you want. Some may choose to have a traditional funeral service with viewing at their church or in our chapel followed by cremation and burial of the cremated remains. Others may choose a service of remembrance where the deceased is not present, but a memorial service is held at in a church or in our funeral chapel. The last option is a direct or simple cremation with no remembrance of the life one has lived. There are various options that a person may choose within the realm of our cremation options. The following are suggestions of the types of cremation services you may choose.

Celebration of Life

1. Our Preferred Cremation Package: Allows a family the benefit of having a traditional funeral service with the body present in a casket and a public viewing. This type of service gives everyone the opportunity to offer their goodbyes to the deceased, but still have the body cremated after a public funeral service and viewing.

2. Our Service of Remembrance Package: Allows the immediate family to view the deceased prior to cremation, followed by a memorial service without the body present. The Service of Remembrance gives friends and family the opportunity to share in their grief with each other during a structured memorial service or gathering.

3. Our Celebration of Life Package: Similar to the Service of Remembrance, but not as structured. Today there are many people who wish to celebrate a life rather than mourn their loss. The celebration can take many forms and offer hope and understanding. Our funeral professionals can offer many options that will make the ceremony or gathering more inspirational and meaningful. Some of these options may include an outdoor gathering at a park or along the water’s edge with personalized music and even the release of doves to soar skyward at the conclusion of a ceremony. Celebrating a life well lived is the underlying theme.

4. Our Simple or Direct Cremation Package: This package offers an affordable cremation without any funeral rites.

Whichever cremation option you chose, please know that Twiford Funeral Home is honored and privileged to have been called to care for someone that was loved dearly by you and your family.