Traditional Funeral

When choosing burial, the type of service you choose is still up to you. You can have a traditional funeral service at your church, graveside, at one of our funeral chapels, or you may choose a more contemporary service located in a park or large auditorium. One of our funeral professionals can assist you in selecting an appropriate burial location site in one of our cemeteries. Laurel Memorial Gardens, located in Poplar Branch, NC serves both Currituck County and Dare County, NC. New Hollywood Cemetery, located in Elizabeth City, NC offers a final resting space for the citizens of our local area. Price of grave plots vary depending on which cemetery you select as well as location in the cemetery.

Funeral Service:

The advantage of choosing a Traditional Funeral is that it follows a familiar pattern so families will know what to expect. A Traditional Funeral can make it easier for families and friends, because there is an established etiquette for the different stages of the ceremonies involved. These stages may include:

  • Visitation and viewing at the funeral home or church
  • A formal or informal service at the funeral home or church
  • Procession with an escort to the place of interment
  • Earth burial or entombment of the casketed remains in a cemetery grave plot or mausoleum crypt

Funerals are an important step in the grieving process and offer an opportunity for the living to recognize the fact that a death has occurred and honor a life lived. The funeral gives surviving family members and friends a caring and supportive environment in which to share thoughts and memories of the deceased. Many experts agree that the funeral is the first healthy step in learning how to cope with the loss of a close friend or family member. Funerals can be traumatic and emotional, but many bereavement counselors believe that grief shared can be, grief diminished. They also believe that people who go through the funeral process recover much sooner than people who deny or ignore the death.


If you decide not to have a funeral at the church or funeral home, a graveside service will still allow family and friends to gather to complete the life journey together. This act of respect provides emotional closure for those in attendance.

Twiford Funeral Home staff will assist you with selecting the burial site in the cemetery of your choice. We will also coordinate the service arrangements with the cemetery staff.

To arrange a Traditional Funeral Service, or if you have any additional questions, call today to speak with a member of our funeral professionals.